Cashmere shrinks, right? How do you reduce it and how do you make it grow again? Here is a comprehensive guide to caring for Cashmere.

Luxury lovers are those that purchase cashmere. They are the ones that scour the market for the finest textiles and select the most opulent items for themselves. They are passionate supporters of handcrafted goods who ensure that their purchases have a beneficial impact on society.

Last but not least, they want their Cashmere to be durable for a lifetime. They are worried about its maintenance since they are aware of its value. The longevity and appearance of cashmere are affected by care. Even after ten years, if you take proper care of it, it will still appear brand new. Careless maintenance could cause it to start looking worn-out.

People frequently inquire about cashmere shrinkage because of it. When washed or dried cleaned, does cashmere shrink? How can cashmere be shrunk, and how can it be repaired if it mistakenly shrunk? How to shrink a cashmere garment without causing damage, in particular, can cashmere shrink when dry cleaned?

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We are here to answer these typical inquiries for you.

Does Cashmere shrinks?

Does cashmere shrink – that’s the common query we receive?

Unfortunately, if not washed carefully, cashmere does shrink, which may offend its devotees.

The finest method for cleaning a genuine Cashmere is by hand, but if you use hot water, you will notice that your Cashmere has reduced in size when it dries (an ideal trick for those who are looking for tips on how to shrink a cashmere).

So here's the trick: wash this delicate linen in cold water. Use gently lukewarm water but never hot if your Cashmere has a lot of dirt, dust, or severe stains on it. Actually, you should only soak your Cashmere in water that is 20 degrees or warmer for a maximum of 15 minutes.

This is true of more than just washing. Any heat will cause it to shrink. Because of this, cashmere is never intended to come into touch with heat directly. This may seem like a major scam. However, did you know that some people actually wish to decrease their Cashmere? (and often ask how to shrink a cashmere). In the end, it might be excellent news for them.

Does Dry Cleaning Make Cashmere Shrink?

The majority of the labels that are sewn on your cashmere say "dry clean only." Next to hand washing, dry cleaning is the best method for cleaning a Cashmere fabric. But does dry cleaning cause Cashmere to shrink? No.

Although dry cleaning may not cause immediate damage to the fabric, such as shrinkage, it might lead to early pilling over time. Chemicals are soaked into the fabric during dry cleaning. These chemicals slowly but surely create harm.

Therefore, hand washing your Cashmere with lukewarm or cold water is the best option. The procedure takes a long time. But the effort is worthwhile.

How to Shrink a Cashmere?

We frequently get inquiries about how to shrink cashmere garments like shawls and sweaters, which may seem strange. A short two-step procedure that precisely explains how to shrink cashmere is provided below.

As you normally would, hand wash your Cashmere while adjusting the water's temperature. For Shrinkage, you'll need HOT water to prevent shrinking (as hot as you can stand). After finishing, rinse the fabric in cold water.

Do not stretch it back to its original size after patting the excess water out; instead, allow it to dry.

Ta da! Your cashmere garment has shrunk precisely as you desired.

After learning the proper techniques for shrinking cashmere, let's move on to the method for unshrinking it.

How Can Cashmere Be Unshrunk?

Can you repair cashmere that has shrunk? Yes, that is the unequivocal response. Not everyone likes shrinkage. The question of how to unshrink cashmere is therefore asked by a bigger range of people than the question of how to shrink it. Don't be alarmed if you fall into the latter category and weren't aware of the tricks and recommendations of flawless Cashmere maintenance. The opposing problem also has a solution, just as there is one for "How to shrink a cashmere." Here is how –


Your Cashmere should be hand-washed in cold water with mild detergent for ten minutes. Steer clear of hot water because it could lead to greater shrinkage.

By gently pressing the fabric with your hands, you can absorb extra moisture from it. Lay your Cashmere down on a level surface next.

Stretching the fabric should be done gradually and gently by pulling in different directions. In order for the fibres to relax and then be stretched properly again, the fabric needs to be pulsed briefly. (This decision will determine if your cashmere is good or bad. Stretching a hole in your sweater is possible if you're not patient enough or your fabric is of poor quality. Be cautious and aware that your fabric is delicate.

While stretching the fabric, keep uniformity in mind.

Stretching should be done in big chunks at once. Your Cashmere can look crooked if you use a couple of fingers to work on smaller parts.

Leave it to dry after stretching everything out to the appropriate shape or size (for a couple of days)



Find a wrap or garment that resembles the shrunken item of clothing in terms of size and shape. On a piece of parchment paper, trace the outline of the clothing or material.

Sinking the Cashmere in lukewarm soap water as you would your other hands will help the fibres loosen up a bit.

Stretching or wringing the extra water should be avoided.

Place the parchment paper with your Cashmere on it, then set the paper down on a level surface. Stretch the fabric just enough to make it match the outline's dimensions. If the Cashmere won't stretch, steam can be used to soften the material before stretching it.

Overlay the stretched out clothing with clean, heavy things until it is totally dry.

Your fabric will appear as though it was never shrunk once it has dried.

August 21, 2022 — Karan Bose
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