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What is a kimono robe?

A kimono robe is a type of robe that is worn by both men and women. It has a long history and can date back to the 12th century. The robes are made from satin, silk, or cotton fabrics.

The word "kimono" comes from the Japanese word for "thing to wear". It was originally used in Japan as an all-purpose word for clothing.

How to wear kimono robe

There are different ways of tying a kimono robe and the way that it's tied will depend on the type of kimono that you have, your gender, and your mood. The most common way of wearing a kimono robe for women is to wear it like a dress with the waistband pulled up over the chest. Women can also wear their robes like an overcoat with the sleeves hanging down over their arms. Men usually wear their robes like an overcoat with the sleeves rolled up past their elbows or they can also leave them down at their sides

How to tie a kimono robe

There are two ways to tie a kimono robe.

The first is the simplest and more common way.

It is done by tying the right side of the fabric around your body and then tying it with the left side on top of it.

The second way is done by tying both sides of the fabric around your body, starting from one shoulder, then taking it over to the other shoulder and securing it there.

What are bridal kimono robes for?

Bridal Party Kimono Robes are designed to be worn as a robe on the big day. They are usually made of silk, satin or chiffon and come in a variety of colours and styles.

The Ecogram Bridal Kimono robes are usually made of luxurious Silk Satin fabric that gives a soft & luxurious touch to your skin while you prepare for the big day.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to bridal kimono robes, so it is important for you to find the robe that best suits your personal style.

How is Ecogram’s sustainable process different from the other brands selling women’s kimono robe

We use silk Satin which is made in factory instead of rearing it from the silkworms. This process does not depends on the rearing & breading of silkworms and as result is cruelty free and sustainable. These fabrics are then used in an ethical manufacturing facility to produce these sexy women’s kimono robes.

Why should anyone buy Ecogram’s women’s Kimono robe over others?

Ecogram women's long kimono robes are made from luxurious silk satin fabric material that is processed in a factory set-up instead of rearing it out of silkworms, making the process cruelty free and at the same time sustainable. If the entire world starts consuming pure silk straight from silkworms, sooner or later these species would become endangered to the point of being extinct. Ecogram’s approach to making women's long kimono robes is to be less burden on the planet and much less burden on your pocket.

On What Occasions can one wear a Cashmere scarf or Stole?

Ecogram women's long kimono robes are idea for Sleep, lounge, vacation, spa, bathrobe. These Handcrafted Kimono Robes also great for bridal party, taking wedding photos, or as a gift for your friends, parents, lover, wedding; clothing length: above knee satin fabric give even more appealing look. These Casual Satin Kimono Robe lingerie with Soothing Design will keep you relaxed and comfortable in daily life.

On what occasions can Ecogram women's Kimono robes be used as gift?

Ecogram Women’s luxurious silk satin Kimono robes can be used as WEDDING GIFT. It can also be used as a Gift for bridal shower, wedding party, Valentine's Day present and birthday gift. These cute dressing gown to be used as getting ready robe, wedding robes and bridal party robes. These Classic Kimonos That Make For A Sophisticated Staple To Any Woman are perfect sleepwear, loungewear for women daily wear. 

What are the different colour options available for these women’s kimono robes

Ecogram Womens Silky Kimono Robes Made From Soft Silk Satin comes in over 30 different colours. However, some colours like women’s black kimono robes and pink kimono robes for women get sold out very fast. So order them at the earliest.

What are the different size options available for these women’s kimono robes

Ecogram Soft Luxury silky kimonos for women is available in standard American sizes from S,M,L,XL and XXL. However, due to high demand. Some sizes may get out of stock. At the moment, we are not able to provide Plus Size Kimono Robes but we are working on getting the Plus Size Kimono Robes by our next collection