Sustainability at Ecogram

At Ecogram, quality chill time is spent in exceptionally made, long-lasting, handmade, ethically made luxurious sleepwear pieces crafted sustainably is what drives us. That, and also some sleep.

Caring For Our Planet

We set ambitious goals for our production, distribution, and shipping to reduce our impact on the planet. We already have covered 3 out of 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) even before launching our first collection.

We spent months researching the ways how we can lower our carbon footprint - using shipment by sea instead of shipping by air for example and

Each factory under Hula Global is given a thorough compliance audit to evaluate factors like fair wages, reasonable hours, and the environment.

Being Responsible

Each piece we create results from years of experience in designing, sourcing, and production with only the highest-quality materials and like-minded production partners like Hula Global. 

We’ve taken action to use more responsible fabrics, including organic and natural fibres, and environmentally-conscious processes that are also better for you and kinder to Mother Earth.

We take care of every minute detail when it comes to sustainability. Even for packaging, we use biodegradable, recyclable bags.

Care for people

We take the responsibility to ensure safe and fair working conditions, so we make it a priority to partner with world-class manufacturers that are committed to fair and equitable practices.

We also care deeply about ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and have implemented unconscious bias workshops to educate and remove bias from our team members. We are committed to building teams that are reflective of a range of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences at every level.